A roof can account for as much as 40% of the average home’s exterior and many factors weigh into the choice of materials. Some surfaces are more beautiful than others. Some offer greater endurance. Some are more affordable. But the one roofing surface which offers all those attributes in balance is the asphalt shingle.

Read the sections below to learn the differences between shingle styles and follow the links within each section for complete details of construction, colors, warranties and for product brochures. You can also review other products like metal roofing and flat roof systems for commercial and residential roofing applications. You can also visit our image galleries to see how these materials look when installed.

Designer Shingle Systems
At the top end of the spectrum, are the designer shingles. Unlike 3 tab and standard architectural, they can weigh as much as 425 lbs per square! Compare that to a 3 tab at less than 180 lbs per square, and you’ll quickly see why the designer systems have built a reputation for durability, along with their unique look. Take a look at some of the different designer styles in our Designer Shingles info center.

Architectural Shingle Systems
Architectural shingles are the most cost effective roofing products for any home. They are very versatile and fit any style of housing, from mobile homes to 10,000 sf mansions, architectural shingles will fit your budget, add value to your home and will definately give noticable curb appeal. Learn more about Architectural Shingles and contact us through our Request a Free Estimate form to schedule an appointment.

Basic 3-Tab Shingle Systems
With such a large variety of top brands, you can rest assured that you have the best product on your roof when you choose us to be your contractor. Visit our 3-Tab Shingles section for more info on these budget minded shingles. Then, get a Free Roof Quote on the replacement of your existing roof or clean installation on your new house from North Carolina’s Prefered Roofing Contractor, McLean Roofing Company.

Residential and Commercial Metal Roofing
Metal roofs are one of the most durable and weather resistant roofing materials on the market today and have the highest UL ratings for fire, wind, and impact resistance. In most areas, metal roofs can be expected to last three or more times longer than a comparable asphalt shingle roof. In areas with extreme heat, wind, humidity, or temperature extremes, this advantage can be even greater. Request a Free Estimate or follow the links to our Metal Roofing Info Center for more information on the benefits of metal roof panels.

Design & Use Of The Architectural Shingle
Architectural shingles provide a stunning three-dimensional appearance that rivals the classic look of natural wood shake. Designed to evoke the depth and surface texture of natural roofing materials, with features such as soft shadowlines, lending the shingles a smooth, refined look. A look that is both striking and classical.

Another benefit of an architectural shingle is higher resistance to wind and other elements of nature. Most architectural shingles weigh between 240 and 340 pounds per square and withstand winds up to 110 mph! Other features include algae resistance and Impact Resistance which is a great bonus for homes around golf courses.

Some of these shingles have the additional attribute of resisting the growth of algae (commonly called fungus), especially in damp regions. This design feature helps prevent the black streaking commonly seen on shingles in areas with high humidity and rainfall totals. Algae resistant shingles are not available or needed in all regions.

These shingles are generally composed of a fiber glass mat base. They have ceramic-coated mineral granules that are tightly embedded in carefully refined, water-resistant asphalt. Two pieces of the shingle are firmly laminated together in a special tough asphaltic cement. Architectural shingles also have self-sealing adhesive and are available in “English” dimensions – 12″ x 36″ and in “Metric” dimensions – 13 1/4″ x 38 3/4″, depending on the product and sales region.

This type of shingle can be used on roofs with slopes greater than 2″ per foot. Low slope applications (2″ to 4″ per foot) require additional underlayment to prevent leakage. In areas where icing along the eaves can cause a backup of water, they must have a waterproofing underlayment such as the CertainTeed WinterGuard Waterproofing Shingle Underlayment, or its equivalent, placed under the shingles according to application instructions provided with the product and on the shingle package.

Architectural shingles come in a wide variety of colors but availability can vary by region. Please refer to the product colors by region charts, sample boards, information centers and consult your sales representative to verify color availability.

The architectural shingle is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to increase curb appeal and add to their homes resell value without spending the extra money associated with a designer roofing shingle system.

The hardest decision in choosing an architectural roofing shingle for your home is deciding the life span and color you want and need. We can not make the selection for you because you are the only one that truly knows what works for your budget. However, we can give you sound advice and all of the information you need to make the right decision. Contact Us when you are ready and we’ll send a trained professional to your home that will help you every step of the way.