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Cool Roof Properties – The Hydro-Stop PremiumCoat system has been tested and greatly exceeds the requirements of the Department of Energy for being a cool roof system. Over the past decade the Department of Energy has done extensive research on the advantages of cool roof systems and have positively concluded that by using a cool roof system one can:

Reduce Cooling Energy Cost by 20% to 70%
Reduce Air Pollution
Extend Equipment Life
Reduce the need for re-roofing
Hydro-Stop’s cool roof system does this by using these two principles.
High Albedo – Hydro Stop reflects or scatters over 78% of the amount of sunlight energy that is radiated on it. The DOE considers anything over 50% good and Hydro-Stop has one of the highest in the industry.
Emissivity – Hydro Stop radiates over 90% of its stored heat energy away from itself keeping which is equally important for having a cool roof. Hydro-Stop’s cool roof system can save you money on your cooling energy and can extend the life of your roof.
Advantages & Benefits:

Factory Mutual and Dade County approved.
Sustainable roofing system that saves expensive removal and disposal cost.
Ultraviolet and Infrared resistant for added durability.
Combination of High Albedo & Emissivity reduces heat and lowers energy costs.
Resistant to acid rain and chemical pollutants to protect roof or wall from fallout damage.
Won’t spread flame over non-combustible surfaces.
Excellent adhesion holds substrate in place even in hurricane force winds.
Wide range of colors provides beautiful architectural finish.
Meets V.O.C. emissions regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application.
Non-toxic formulation is safe to install.
Easy application and cleanup.
No special equipment required to install.
10-year extendable warranty available.
PremiumCoat has been approved by Factory Mutual (FM) as a class 1 roof system for application over insulation board, new built up roofs, existing built-up roofs, metal roofs (including historic) and concrete.

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