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Metal roofs are one of the most durable and weather resistant roofing materials on the market today and have the highest UL ratings for fire, wind, and impact resistance. In most areas, metal roofs can be expected to last three or more times longer than a comparable asphalt shingle roof. In areas with extreme heat, wind, humidity, or temperature extremes, this advantage can be even greater.

The 300 and 500 series systems use high strength steel that’s protected by an aluminum, zinc, and silicon anti-corrosion coating, commercially known as Galvalume®. The corrosion resistance of Union Corrugating steel is so outstanding, even the unpainted Galvalume® panels carry a 30 year limited warranty. On top of the premium base metals, Union Corrugating offers several state-of-the-art, multi-layer paint systems that offer years of fade and chalk resistance. Below you’ll find descriptions for various metal roofing systems by Union Corrugating.

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